About Us

We are a purely charity-based yoga certification body, serving a global yoga community through upholding the purity and sanctity of the teachings and traditions of yoga. Our values aspire us to support the community by providing aid and guidance on standards & quality of schools, and safety & non-harming practices, in union with a global community.

Our effort includes

Preserving ancient traditional yoga lineages and styles;

Certifications and registrations granted are at no cost or fees, as we are a non-profit organization, 100% run by volunteers;

Fostering safe and accessible yoga practice standards through educational training programs and events;

Upholding ethics and values through our Educator Code of Conduct for schools, shalas, studios and centers as well as Yoga Teacher Ethics & Discipline for trainers and teachers worldwide as well as Ethics of Yoga Aspirants;

Being self-regulatory and an independent body registry for schools, studios, shalas, yoga centers and teaching certifications;

Serving members of the community through guidance, tools, resources and support;

Our Values

Samadhana or Gratitude for everything received, even viewing challenges in a positive light;

Nishkaama karma yoga to be happy and free from attachment of expectations and strive only to grow and improve;

Sahana and Samyama to be patient with the idea that yoga is a life practice, not instant short-term knowledge, with no shortcuts and certainly not as instant gratifications;

Sati/Sadhana/Abhyasa approach practice with awareness, physical limits and a pace that is appropriate for you and your students;

Selflessness to teach yoga as a service;

Always root oneself to the Yamas & Niyamas;

Represent teachings, traditions and lineages as the best practice and self- conduct;

Our Community

Our practice roots flow from the wisdom shared in the Vedas, Upanishads and Yoga in dedicating to the generations of Himalayan traditions of the truth. The truth; a universal journey to the path of oneness by connecting and collectively working together as a communion.